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Few Facts About Our Ragdoll Kittens

While some breeders , especially UK breeders breed Ragdoll kittens to shy away from their physical properties speculating that it is the reason for their weak points, At our Cattery , We rather specify Our breeding towards bringing out the best physical attributes of the Ragdoll, original to the breed so we can have the best and most premium looking Ragdoll kittens, while selecting Parents who have proven to be disease resistant, very playful and energetic. Our kittens are Bred to stay healthy through out their life time, and bring you and your family much love and happiness for all it’s young years.


    • The Ragdoll is a pointed cat and comes in 6 different variations: seal, chocolate, flame, blue, lilac, and cream
    • They Can Weight 10-20 pounds
    • They have a Lifespan of 12-15 years
    • They might be the cure for your cat allergies, as many people who are otherwise allergic to cats easily tolerate the Ragdoll.
    • Ragdolls are docile and lack the will to defend theirself. They should never be let outside. 
    • Grooming is easy. The Ragdoll sheds, but not heavily, and combings once or twice a week will keep the Ragdoll free of mats and tangles.
    • The Ragdoll is a relatively healthy breed with just a few known health issues:
    • Obesity
    • Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a form of heart disease
    • Urinary tract issues, such as bladder stones

            Hairballs, due to a long coat


When you get a ragdoll kitten from us, you get 1st the most good looking ragdolls available in the Country in terms of physical features, secondly very playful Ragdolls as opposed to the majority of Ragdolls, and very healthy and disease resistant kittens, most of the Ragdoll diseases mentioned above would not be getting to your Ragdoll anytime soon. Yeah our Ragdolls are docile, and should not be let outside on their own, but they have been trained with different types of sounds so they should not freak out when they are somewhere new or different. Apart from that we have crafted a manual (handbook) for their grooming and feeding , for the early stages which we offer to you free of charge and we would also be there 24/7 if you need support in caring for any of our babies.

We have put together some basic usefull resources on how to care for our kittens you can click on the resource link below to see


Some Of Our Proud Premium Ragdoll Families

Michele's son with Tim, Texas
Philomen with Carol, North Carolina
Dempsey with Harry porter, California

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